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    Capital and heart of the state of Chiapas, modern city with a vocation of progress, pillar of the state's economy. Tuxtla Gutiérrez enchants for its provincial charm and surprises for its potential for business organization, placing itself as the best welcome for those who would like to see the touristic wonders of the state.


    Conejo PrehispánicoIt is known that one of the primitive ethnics that lived on the valley óf Mactumatzá and El Sabinal, were the zoques, who called their town "Coyatoc" which means house of rabbits. The nahóas conquerors in the XV Century called this lands by the name of "Tuchtlán" which means exactly the same thing.

    The privilege of the Spanish conquest was awarded to Diego de Mazariegos, who ended up founding the first colonial settlements of the region. Friar Antonio de Pamplona from the Dominican order, names the village as "San Marcos Evangelista de Tuchtlán', thus why he is considered the founder of the town.

    PoliforumContemporary History

    The history of Tuxtla is long and full of episodes of freedom. It is in 1892 when the existing governor, Emilio Rabasa, designates it definitely as the seat of the state's powers, government and capital of Chiapas.

    The contemporary chronic is the spokesman of important happenings:

    *The 11th of May of 1990, the people of Tuxtla received the visit of H.H. the Pope John Paul It.
    * In 1991 the first Central American Summit of Presidents takes place and the Declaration of Tuxtla Gutiérrez was written.
    *Between 1999 and the year 2000, Tuxtla has the high distinction of presiding over the association of districts in Mexico (AMMAC, for its initials in spanish) because the major, Dr. Francisco Rojas Toledo was elected president of this organism.

    Casa de las ArtesaníasWorking Universe

    Tuxtla Gutiérrez is conformed by a society with no great extremes in the social poles. An extended urban misery is none existent, as well as a sophisticated and ostentatious elite. This creates a wide variety of middle class social strata, connected among each other by their neighborhood. The basic characteristic of a high immigration makes the divisions and limits between groups and strata little precise, which favors a social mobility agile and lively.

    Touristic Attractions

    * Casa de las Artesanías (House of Crafts) * Parque de la Marimba (Marimba Park) * Catedral de San Marcos

    Zoomat* Zoomat/Zoológico Miguel Alvarez del Toro * Museo Regional de Chiapas

    * Jardín Botánico Dr. Faustino Miranda (Botanical Garden Dr. Faustino Miranda)

    * Museo de Historia Natural (Natural History Museum)

    * Parque Nacional Cañón del Sumidero

    * Grutas del Sumidero (El Sumidero Caverns)



    Agriculture, farming, hunting and fishing 5,106

    See the Tuxtla Photo Album

    This article comes from "El Libro de Oro Chiapas 2000"


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    - Cities and Towns - Tuxtla Gutierrez [ Ver sitio en Español ]
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